"Memories" -  '' The single has been released on 5th July 2023.






A Groundbreaking Journey Through the World of EDM


The album "Memories" by Vivien Schmitt undoubtedly stands as a milestone in the history of electronic dance music (EDM). With its six captivating songs, the artist has set new standards and expanded the boundaries of genres. However, this success did not come without challenges, and Vivien Schmitt once again proved her unique attitude as an artist.


The first track, "Ahinara," opens the album with a magical tapestry of syncopated beats and dreamy melodies. It is a tribute to the beauty of nature and a journey to distant worlds. Vivien Schmitt skillfully combines ethnic elements with modern electronic sounds and captivates the listeners.


Immediately following is "Snow and Sun," a song that combines the gentle winter landscape with the power of the sun. Here, Schmitt's extraordinary ability to transform emotions into music shines through. The clear, cool tones of the synthesizers blend with warm, driving beats, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere.


"The Final Image" unfolds as a gripping anthem symbolizing the end of an era. Here, Vivien Schmitt showcases her talent for weaving complex stories and emotions into her tracks. The combination of dark melodies and powerful drums creates a profound impact that inevitably captivates the listener.


With "The Sultan’s Pillow," Vivien Schmitt ventures into new territory by merging oriental harmonies and Western elements into a fascinating masterpiece. The song is a symbol of wanderlust and the desire for discovery that lives within each of us. It showcases the daringness of the artist to transcend established structures and forge new paths.


The title track, "Memories," is undoubtedly the heart of the album. It is an ode to the past, to memories, and to the power of music to transport us back in time. Vivien Schmitt creates a true milestone in the world of EDM with this song. The catchy melody and melancholic mood unite to create a soundscape that lingers long after.


The album concludes with "Love Me Again," a powerful and compelling track that tells the story of the highs and lows of a relationship. Here, Vivien Schmitt reveals her vulnerability and passion as an artist. The emotional vocals and dynamic production give the song an incredible intensity.


Behind these musical triumphs lies a story of challenges and perseverance. Vivien Schmitt did not have an easy time turning her vision into reality. She fought against prejudice and stereotypes as a female producer in a male-dominated industry. But she did not let herself be discouraged and continued on her path unwaveringly. Her unwavering belief in her art and her abilities drove her forward and allowed her to pave new ways in the EDM scene.


"Memories" is the result of this unwavering will and artistic talent. It is an album that captures the essence of Vivien Schmitt as a musician while setting new standards for the future. It is an invitation to join her on a journey that takes us to distant worlds and deep emotions.


Overall, "Memories" is not only an impressive music album but also an inspiring story about the power of music and the strength of an artist who does not let challenges discourage her. Vivien Schmitt has undoubtedly created an unforgettable and lasting presence in the world of EDM with this album, which will echo for a long time.